What to Expect

Worship - We host two concurrent times of worship on Sunday morning with the purposes of expressing to God His infinite worth and encouraging one another to live out our faith in Christ. You are invited to attend the worship that best resonates with your heart and relationship with God. A Traditional worship meets in the auditorium. This a cappella worship is rich in the church of Christ heritage. A Contemporary worship meets in the gym. This relaxed worship style is led by both men and women, with instrumental music accompanying our congregational praise. Our aim is that both worship experiences are uplifting, relevant, Christ-centered, and God-honoring. Try one this week and come back the next week to try the other!

Prayer is one of the benefits of community. There is great comfort in not having to be alone, especially when we are hurting. We believe God answers prayer, so we pray. All kinds of prayers - praise, supplication, confession, thanksgiving, and intercession. We know that God cares deeply about every hurt, anxiety, and thanksgiving, whether great or small. We have a Shepherd’s Prayer time every Sunday morning beginning at 8:40 AM in room 121 off the gym. Also, prayers are being offered in the Prayer Room (Room 130) at 8:45am. If you have a need, let us know and we’ll pray for you.

Communion or The Lord’s Supper is celebrated each Sunday morning and is open for all believers. We remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, by breaking bread and sharing in the “fruit of the vine”. While incredibly simple, the Lord's Supper reminds us of our covenant with Christ and one another until He comes again.

Offering “Giving Back to God”-  In keeping with the practice of the early church, we give each week. Giving is an act of worship in response to God’s grace. The funds are used to promote Jesus and His work in this community and throughout the world.

Sharing The Word - Most assembly times include a sermon, message, a reflection, or a lesson from God’s Word. We believe the Word of God is living, active, and life changing.