September-November 2017

Living Out Our Worship. This class will focus on the relationship between Christian worship and Christian mission. We will discuss the biblical foundations of worship in order to enrich the way we see our weekly worship at MX. How do the activities we do in worship bring us in line with God’s mission in the world and transform the way we live in God’s world? Taught by Stephen Lawson and Matthew Bardowell in the Auditorium.

The Life of Joseph. The class will provide lessons in parenting, favoritism, jealousy, suffering, deception, power, forgiveness, and faithfulness, with a focus on godliness. This in-depth study of Genesis 37 through 50 will be discussion-driven with very little lecture. Taught by Butch Smith and Jeff Earnhart in Room #302. 

Parenting: The Early Years. What kind of parent are you? When your kids are all grown up, how will they remember you? Who you are matters more than what you do. In reality TV style, take a sneak peek at real-life parenting moments and honest questions from 20 families, and discover Biblical traits for better parenting. Led by Steve and Tara Beauchamp and Jon and Angela Earnhart in Room #301.