Adult Bible Classes (Jan-Feb 2019)

Lessons from the Kingdom of David - How was the Lord with David?  How did he respond to God? How did he use his gifts and talents?  How did he deal with family? Competition? Leadership? How did he fall into sin and then deal with it?  How does he fit into the Bible’s great story? This 8 week class will draw upon I and 2 Samuel and the Psalms to explore the mind of David and what that means for us today.  Taught by the Elders in the Auditorium.

Ladies Class - This Ladies’ Class is based on encouragement, unity, sharing, and prayer.  Meets on the 4th level. Susie Burge facilitating.

The Picture of Jesus in John Chapter 1 - John the Evangelist paints a view of Jesus that invites Wonder.  Explore the importance of his intriguing cross-cultural painting.  Question how he challenges what you think, say, and do.  Find where you Belong in this story.  Taught by Jeff McGlawn in Room #302.