Bible Classes (March - April 2018)


Earnestly Seeking God - A Study of Psalms in Seven Words - Seeking a deeper relationship with God?  Ready to improve your prayer life?  Explore seven major themes of the Psalms: Righteousness, Forgiveness, Worship, Guidance, Anguish, Happiness, and Revival, learning how to approach God.  We'll discover the many benefits of this ancient book - that has guided Christians for centuries and still calls to us today.  Dennis Pruitt in Auditorium.


Kingdom Life – Abundant Life in the Kingdom of God - You are in the process of becoming who you will be forever.  Does that alarm you?   The objective of the class is to learn the lifestyle of the Kingdom, by practicing Slowing, Simplicity, Unplugging, Silence, Devotional Reading, and Contemplative Prayer.  Taught by Kevin Vick in Room #304.


Principles for Making Relationships Work – Strengthen your most important relationships with easy to understand tools and techniques.  Put into practice through hands-on exercises, class interaction and discussion.  Apply to all types of relationships – marriage, parenting, work, family, friendship, and church.  Taught by Eric McPherson in Room #302.