Sunday Morning Classes

For the Summer quarter (June-August), our Sunday morning Bible classes will be as follows:


The Holy Spirit – Life in Companionship with God

God desires a close personal friendship with His children who are apprentices to Christ. The Holy Spirit dwells in us enabling both our relationship with God and God’s communication to us. This communication may occur in any mode God deems appropriate. Our task is to develop a mindset which anticipates, expects and is receptive to His guidance. The class will offer practical pointers to develop the communication mindset which results in a life in companionship with God, cooperating with Him in the advancement of His Kingdom. Taught by Kevin Vick in the Auditorium. 

Exercises to Develop the Communication Mindset:

  1. Have frequent fleeting thoughts of God throughout the day.
  2. Fix your eyes. Use your favorite image of Jesus.
  3. Memorize and daily recite Hebrews 12:1-3 - "observe and absorb."

4  Add this daily waking prayer: “Good morning, Lord. How may I work with you today? Please fill me with your Holy Spirit and speak, for I am listening. Help me be more aware of your presence today." (John 9:4)

  1. Tune in to Joy FM (99.1)
  2. View song video: Come Alive (Dry Bones)
  3. View the D. Willard lecture: How Is God With Us? D. Willard