Family eXperience

What is FX?

Family eXperience is designed to strengthen families.  One of the best ways to stimulate the entire family to live out an everyday faith is to create frequent shared family experiences.  The family experience will shape a child’s relationship with God by partnering with their parents.

Equipping parents to become the spiritual leader of their home.  It’s about building an environment for families that will be a catalyst for change/growth/discipleship in the home.

“Even the best parents need consistent voices in their lives that encourage them to stay in sync with a strategy and to create a strong rhythm in their homes”-Reggie Joiner-Think Orange

All parents have one thing in common, Christian and non-Christian. They want to raise kids with good moral character. But most don’t know how.

The Family eXperience could become the easiest place to bring friends. FX is an inviting, relaxed environment with only one expectation--to come and enjoy a fun time with your family.

An FX reactivates the family by opening the door for relevant dialogue between parents and their kids, and parents and their church.

 God uses parents to shape kids. The church needs to be intentional about creating ways to shape parents to be the spiritual leader of their kids.

Join us during the worship time every first Sunday of the month
(September - May)